We all have issues. We all want to empower ourselves and we all have a spiritual presence. Welcome to the Bucovery workshops, classes and support groups. Join Tyler Woods Phd and she offers powerful teachings based on Buddhist psychology to offer profound healing loving creative spiritual breakthroughs. Most people leave Tyler’s Woods workshops and groups feeling like they have many more tools to guide them through live and people experience expanded awareness and a deeper experience of self. The powerful lessons in these workshops, seminars and support groups contain thought-provoking way to step in your personal power and overcome obstacles that get in the way of your personal and spiritual growth.

With each workshop or support group there is a personal workbook and there are ways to begin to reduce suffering and increase growth. These workshops. seminars and support groups are all what Bucovery is all about and look forward to 2019 as Dr Tyler Woods unfolds her series of Bucovery Workshops and groups.

All workshops and support groups are full right now.