Mental Health

There are many different approaches to mental health than traditional psychology. Traditional psychology says something is wrong. I believe that Buddhist psychology says that something has awakened us and our jobs as humans is to discover how to be awake while doing life. Here I hope you find information and knowledge that will help you with a Buddhist psychology approach to mental health concerns.

Buddhist Recovery
Refuge Recovery
Addiction Meditation
Buddhist 12 Steps 
Escaping the Karma of Addiction
Living With Addictions 

Buddhist Anger Management
Anger and Aversions
8 Buddhist Tips for Anger
How to deal with Anger Short Video

Anxiety and Stress
Dealing with Anxiety
Buddhist Psychology and Anxiety 
Mindfulness and Anxiety
Mastering Anxiety

Dharma Wisdom
Meditation and Depression  
Dalai Lama’s Advice on Depression
Learn to Meditate to Help Depression
Popping Pills for Depression: A Buddhist View
The Buddha’s Advice on Depression
Buddhism and the Blues

Destructive Emotions
The Atlas of Emotions
Working with Emotions
Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts and Emotions
The Psychology of Emotions in Buddhist Perspective
The Second Arrow 

Fear and Fearlessness
Buddhist Strategy for Overcoming Fear
Dealing with Fear
Making Peace With Fear
Short Video Life Without Fear 

Thubten Chodron on Grief
How to Cope With Loss and Grief
Honoring The Death of a Loved One

Thubten Chodron
Overcoming Jealousy Through Joy
How to Avoid Jealousy
Meditation one for Jealousy
Meditation 2 Jealousy

Letting Go
Letting It Go
Small Ways to Let Go
Letting Go of Attachment to People
Letting Go of Attachment: From A to Zen

Not-self and the narcissism epidemic 
Under Pressure From Your Narcissistic Parent
Exploring Buddhism And Narcissism

Mindful Practice Manual
Mindfulness for PTSD
Meditation PTSD

Self Esteem/Self Love
Love and Self-esteem
Self Loving Mantra’s