Buddhism for Kids

buddhabear_600xTeaching children Buddhist wisdom is teaching them a calmer way of life.  It teaches the law of cause and effect which help in a kind way children to act in a kinder softer way.  Parents who are a little more alternative and opened minded tend to look to the ancient wisdom they’ve used to guide their lives and spiritual path.  They may desire to find ways to teach their children ways of letting go, taming anger, not having attachment, be more authentic and find the joy within the world not just on a screen. Since Buddhism is a way of life, Buddhist teachings can be a wonderful addition to any children whether they belong to a religion or just want to learn how to be calm. Enjoy this page and hopefully this can help with children, their happiness and their mental health. Namaste


Buddhism for Kids

Buddhism for Kids
Buddhism and Buddha for Kids
Buddhism Facts for Kids


Mindful Listening
Mindful Mantras for Kids
How to Teach Mindfulness
Mindfulness Activities 

Meditations for Kids

Meditation not Punishment
Kid Friendly Meditations
5 Best Video Meditations
The Gratitude Tree
Bedtime Meditation
Importance of Meditation for Kids


Stories and Books

Two Buddhist Stories
Six Very Short Stories
The Three Questions
Stone Soup
Zen Ghost
Meditating Panda