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BUCOVERY web adBeing a psychology major for many years and having a private practice,  I have learned that Buddhist psychology is based on the four noble truths that the Buddha taught. These Four Nobel Truths are that life is full of suffering, that there is a cause of this suffering, it is possible to stop suffering, and there is a way to extinguish suffering. Welcome to  Bucovery.com

Western or traditional psychology is about looking, observing, putting you in a category and offering what is happening in the mind a specific name and coding it and then getting a diagnosis and treatment. The general consensus in traditional psychology seems to be that drug therapies lead to behavioral change and will also initiate change in mental processes. It appears that little effort is devoted to the study of inner mental states and processes. Buddhist psychology concentrates on the exploration of the function and operation of the mind and then works to free that person from suffering.

Western psychology adopts the attitude that the individual must be “helped” by another person.  Eastern psychology has a more holistic perspectives and recognizes the interactive nature of reality and knows that life is a universal process in which every individual is an essential part as well as to be mindful of emotions. Buddhist psychology invites the individual to decide first to seek change and help them through exploration of self. It shows us how to once again engage, be part of, the real world in a way that is respectful and kind. It is less textbook and more realistic and satisfying.  To gain a better view on Buddhist psychology please read Buddhist Psychology Theory & Tools

On this page we will focus on what I call Bucovery which is a Buddhist perspective on mental health concerns such as addictions, depression, anxiety , stress and so much more.  Welcome, here we hope you learn to walk in peace.

Times are difficult right now meditation can help lead to the path to less stress during stressful times. Meditate here.

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